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Breakout Sessions (Day 1)

Monday April 15th

Breakout Session # 1

Focused Execution

How to Boost Your Productivity and Get More Done

Presented by: Scott Friesen
It is no longer about time management. It is about focus management. Scott highlights the distractions that get in the way of doing our most important work. Through real-world examples and a healthy dose of humor, you will learn how to optimize your to-do list and organize your schedule for maximum clarity. For any professional seeking to create better habits that produce immediate results, Focused Execution is a fun and invaluable workshop.
This session will teach you:

How to reduce distractions and recurring interruptions
Why multitasking negatively affects your productivity
To break overwhelming projects into manageable pieces
How to develop a weekly routine to identify your most important work
To create a meaningful task list by using the ‘2-Do’ list method
How to create a system for capturing new ideas and lingering issues

Click to view: Scott Friesen BIO

Breakout Session # 2

Estimating Tools, Tips & Tricks

Doug-Lipp-1.jpgPresented by: John Fagan II & Mark Bono
Estimate is no longer an accurate description of the expectation from a collision repairer!

Fewer supplements drove the need for complete disassembly. Photo documentation requirements to quantify payment take time. Vehicle complexity greater attention to detail. Construction methods and materials necessitate researching O.E. repair information. Interpreting and understanding written procedures requires complete comprehension. The application of those procedures requires specialized skills with specialized equipment. ADAS, determining what needs done, who & where it will be done add to the complexity of repairs. In addition, if you do not do all of it right, litigation is more likely now than ever.

Getting the documentation right is not an option. It is no longer a question of, “will things change with writing estimates”, it is a question of when and how many more changes are coming.

♦  Estimating tools, are they up to date?
  What are the things that are most important to be focusing on?
  What tools can I use today to find the answers I need?
  What should I be doing to prepare for the future of estimating?

In this session, we will discuss the most current and relevant tools available for estimators.


Breakout Session # 3

The Digital Age of Communication
Your Customers Demand Convenience
Presented by: Brett Steele & Tyler Brunatti

Is your business easy to find online? Do you stand out on the sites that matter? How easy is it for customers to get in touch?

From being found online to getting connected and winning repeat business—delivering convenience at every touchpoint is more important than ever. Creating a more convenient customer experience does not just attract more customers; it also allows you to operate at a higher level of efficiency and flexibility. As the way people interact with businesses changes, shops relying on business as usual to get the job done are finding themselves left behind.

With using digital communication:

Grow your business—online reviews matter: 98% of consumers say online
   reviews have an impact on their purchase decisions
Improve satisfaction—customers are more satisfied receiving text messages
   than other forms of communication
What is your score?—3.3 is the lowest star rating of a business that 
   consumers would consider engaging, learn how to raise your score.



Breakout Session # 4

New and Emerging Vehicle Technology:
ADAS and Beyond

Presented by: Jake Rodenroth

This session will cover:

Pre and Post scanning and Position Statements: Where are we today?
    Most of the manufacturers have a statement,  
       what about those who do not?
    Using the OE position to educate the customer, 
       repair procedures to support the need.
Understand the ADAS requirement and what to look for to insure the procedure was followed.
    ADAS is new to EVERYONE in the automotive eco system. How do you
       validate the calibration was required, performed correctly, and documented 
    What sort of repair scenarios create problems with ADAS calibration?

What is next? Telematics and the virtual referral
     What types of information do telematics communicate?
     How do I handle a connected car in a repair shop?

The next wave of Electrification
     Enhanced powertrains and supporting systems.
     Safety and shop readiness.

'LIVE' remote vehicle connection from the breakout session
    Attendees will witness remote connectivity using asTech® and the OEM 
       scan tool during a calibration connection session being done Live-Remote
       from the breakout session.


Breakout Sessions (Day 2)


Tuesday April 16th


Breakout Session # 5

Let’s Not Split the Difference

How to Get What You Want Through Negotiation
Presented by: Mike Hourigan

Many view negotiation as a mysterious process; others see it as manipulation or dirty tricks. Good negotiation is a healthy process where everyone leaves the table feeling good about the outcome, themselves, and most importantly – each other.

From buying a car to making a multi-million dollar corporate purchasing decision, the skills are the same and everything counts! Every negotiation can be the beginning of the next negotiation and every negotiation has a beginning, middle and end. The trick to successful negotiation is making sure it is following your GPS system and getting you to your desired destination.

Mike Hourigan will show you how to remain confident by staying in control of any negotiation situation. Don’t enter into another high stakes negotiation – including buying a car or house – without learning these powerful skills.


Click to view: Mike Hourigan BIO

Breakout Session # 6

Transformation of Our Industry As We Know It

Presented by: Susanna Gotsch, CCC
As the auto industry responds to the new imperatives – autonomy, electrification, sharing and connected – vehicles are being manufactured, sold and driven that are driving transformation across the industry. 

Vehicle cost and complexity has grown, and repair costs are rising faster than ever before.  Susanna will discuss the challenges for our industry as personal mobility and the vehicle fleet transform – specifically focusing on the near-term where we will have a fleet that is a mixture of automated, semi-automated and non-automated driving alongside one another. 

Click to view:  Susanna Gotsch BIO

Breakout Session # 7

The Evolving World of OEM Certification

Importance of Quality Repairs & Accurate Documentation

Presented by: Jennifer Jarzembowski & Mark Olson

Explore the evolving world of OEM Certification, why it is important for all stakeholders, and why certification is here to stay!

Leading auto manufacturers have a significant interest in collision repair, and are doing their part to ensure that body shops have the proper tools, equipment, training and facilities to repair vehicles to manufacturer specifications, ensuring the fit, finish, durability, value and safety of the vehicle.
In this portion of the session we will explore:

OEM Certification - Then and Now!

What’s Important to the OEMs
Considerations - OEMs, Insurers, Information Providers
Considerations - Repair Facility, Investment, ROI

New Program Updates: BMW, FCA, Ford, GM, Toyota, Subaru,
   Nissan/Infiniti, and Volvo

ICAR Updates

Quality repairs and accurate documentation are important for any collision repair shop, and are a critical factor if you are looking to become an OEM certified collision repair provider and stay on the program.
In this portion of the session we will explore:

 The 15 Key Things that Most Shops Do: There are 15 key things that most 
   shops do, that can have a major impact on the business immediately. Nine of 
   these are major items that could put the shop into major financial hardship or 
   possibly put them out of business. Six of these items can cost a shop
   profitability, customer satisfaction and/or liability.

 The 10 Steps to Repair Quality: Repair quality is a simple process and there
   really are only 10 steps to a predictable quality repair.This session will cover
   the 10 steps, and provide attendees with a simple clear path to consistent
   quality collision repairs.

 The Bulletproof File: Repairs are becoming more complex – liability has n
   ever been more of a topic that could have a shop get into trouble.  When
   shops “get shot at” and they have a properly documented file, the process is
   simple, predictable and the best insurance a shop can have.  Learn the 
   components of a bulletproof file, what needs to be in there, why it needs to be
   in there, and how to stream line it to be simple.

Breakout Session # 8

Making Taxes Easy and Understandable

While Legally Saving Money

Presented by: Tom Wheelwright

Did you know that taxes are one of your biggest expenses in life?

In this interactive workshop, CPA, CEO and Tax-Free Wealth Author Tom Wheelwright will review How to make Taxes “Easy, and Understandable”, while Legally Saving Money. While most people run when they hear the word “taxes”, Wheelwright can help you put much more money back in your pocket simply by following the rules.

Tom will cover how to get a Refund, the top five most overlooked tax deductions, 3 big picture changes in the new tax plan and 3 things you need in your tax strategy.

Tom will conclude with an “Ask Tom Live” session where anyone can ask any tax-related question. While most people run when they hear the word “taxes”, Tom’s goal is to help you keep more money in your pocket, simply by following the rules.

In this session, you will learn:

How to save money by being aware of the top five most overlooked

Learn the top three changes in the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that will affect
   returns for the first time this year (2018 returns filed in 2019).

Find out how to identify a great Tax Advisor for you.

Learn three things that go into a tax strategy that can reduce your taxes.

Plus - ask any question during the “Ask Tom Live” session at the end of this

Wheelwright believes that one legal change in your “facts” can change your tax, and result in massive savings over your lifetime.

As a global speaker who is passionate about helping people understand the tax law in easy-to-understand terms, Tom is the CPA and Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki (author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”). Do not miss this money saving session!