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Day 1Paradigm Pioneers: Gain an insight into what it is that makes some leaders and businesses so successful during rapidly changing times.
Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals: Learn what is really required to improve cycle time and hours per day performance. Learn the differences in those things that impact efficiency and those that impact cycle time reduction.
Day 2 – 5S & Workplace Organization: Learn the practical value of creating a workplace that is free of waste.
Value Stream Mapping: Learn to see your systems cycle time, and the areas that are consuming an excessive amount of cycle time days. Learn a process for identifying improvement opportunities and how to facilitate it with your team.
Day 3 – X-RAY Repair Planning®:  Learn how to design, plan and execute on a repair planning process that attacks 80% of the process defects. Understand the challenges of leading this type of change, what causes failure and what drives success? 
Process Design and Resource Planning: Using simulations and exercises learn the principles of Lean Six Sigma and then apply to the collision process in a very practical way. 
Day 4 – Leadership and Leading Change: Understand the differences between managing daily operations and leading a successful change initiative. Learn how to develop a vision or the future that inspires and guides people, and how to assemble a guiding coalition that can lead and sustain change. 
Roadmap for Implementation: Learn the reasons why companies fail at any change effort and what to do about it. You will also receive a proven and practical approach to beginning your journey down the path to improve throughput performance.