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Have A Nice Conflict!
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Conflict is a source of inefficiency and higher costs for organizations. When our people cannot work well together it leads to poor morale, longer lead times on projects, and employee turnover. Each of these can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Learn how to spot and prevent conflict through greater awareness of what motivates yourself and others.
This workshop will take you through two unique assessments (To be completed on-line prior to the workshop) which will be used to gain insight into the triggers of conflict for ourselves and those we interact with. Utilizing the tools from Personal Strengths Publishing, Inc. You will learn how to become more effective in your relationships, both personal and professional!


This workshop provides a link between leadership and organizational performance. Research suggests that relationships, while often considered a “soft” skill, actually play a direct role in organizational and team performance. New goals, different team members, and changing roles, structures, and accountabilities are realities in today’s workplace that generate stress, conflict, and other relationship issues at all levels of the organization. Faulty work relationships often result in conflict that impacts every aspect of a business – from board and executive relations, to customer relationship management, supplier partnerships, and employee and labor relations.

Conflict impacts leaders, teams, and individuals, and frequently is the underlying cause of the typical issues that arise in today’s work environments. Studies show that more than 65 percent of performance issues result from strained relationships – up, down, and across the organization. It is not the lack of knowledge, skills, or motivation, but the mismanagement of relationships that creates the greatest cost to organizations.

When you understand someone’s motivational language – what really matters to them and, more importantly, why it matters – then your differences fade and empathy grows. It’s a recipe for better choices – at home, in the community, at work, or wherever you interact with people. That drives stronger performance
among teams and better results.

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) helps people understand themselves by helping them understand the motives that drive their behaviors in two different conditions — when things are going well and when they face conflict. By increasing self-awareness and interpersonal awareness, it increases personal effectiveness and interpersonal effectiveness.

The Strengths Portrait ranks how a person values and uses 28 unique strengths (or behaviors) to produce a picture of how they choose certain behaviors when working with people.

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Learn to understand your own core and what motivates you to interact with others the way you do. Learn to interpret the motivational core of others and plan ways of interacting that can be more effective considering our own core and being mindful of the core of others. Learn what motivates people when things are normal and what happens when people are in conflict.

Shop Owners, Managers, Production Managers, Estimators and Technicians. Anyone in your organization who interacts with others in order to get things accomplished for the organization.

1-day class

10 minimum, 24 maximum
(facility dependent as this is a highly interactive workshop)

Learner’s guide, assessment results, SDI quick guide, and working with
core strengths book.

Any PPG or Nexa Autocolor® customer is eligible to attend any MVP Business Development Series course

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